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10 October 2010 @ 04:02 pm
"Uncertainty" - One Shot  
Title: Uncertainty
Chapter: None - One Shot
Author: Himu (purinchun )
Rating: G (Though it has some implicit yuri)
Wordcount: 569
Genre: Drama
Fandom: None. Original story.
Characters/Pairings: Narrator (girl), mysterious girl.
Summary: In a night club, two bodies approach each other.

She looked at me strangely throughout the night. I don’t know why, but something in her green pupils was calling me, like a long lost treasure. And in between all the blinking lights, the dry ice, the movement, the adrenaline… she glowed.

All the music suddenly paused, and in between the crowd of screaming and drunk people, a deep breath could be heard, a girl continued to dance to the non-existing music. She probably seemed crazy to everyone… but not me. It was as if she moved to a strange beat that, somehow, I hear echoing in my head. I wonder if she hears it too. A rapid beat, that pulsed within my chest. I was probably just hallucinating, again. But no... it couldn’t be. Two people can’t be stuck in the same hallucination, can they? I think I drank too much… but then again, I always drink this much. Then what the fuck is wrong between us?

A girl so mysterious, a stranger who seems to lure me into her eyes. Does she have any idea of the power she has over me right now? I’m too afraid of coming any closer… too afraid of meeting the unknown. But ah, such a beautifully dangerous unknown she is. She seems to be coming closer, what do I do?

The music plays louder than ever, and as everyone in the club starts moving again, it is as if they create a path for her and I. Is this a sign? But she doesn’t respond… what is wrong with me? What is wrong with her? I feel a rush of adrenaline, as if my body moves involuntarily, towards the mysterious dancing girl.

She begins to make her way towards me as well, smirking. Does she know what is happening? I can’t control my movements anymore. The distance between us shortens. As our lips are just millimeters away, I still feel kilometers away from her.

Why? Why does she suddenly interest me so much? Her lips touch mine. Startled at first, I’m not sure how to react, but soon it is as if I had experienced that before, somewhere in my dreams. The music, the moment, those eyes, that taste… it was as if I had suddenly found all that was taken away from me once I set foot in this miserable world. She looks at me and smiles. Wait, where is she going? No she can’t leave! She turns around and walks away, her shadow blending with the light effects in the room.

Where… where did she go? All I had now was a kiss to remember her by. The world surrounding me starts to lose colors once more. Doesn’t anyone see this? Doesn’t anyone else but me see the dullness of this world, a world without her? Our encounter makes no difference in this universe… at all? I can’t stand this place any longer, my head hurts, my ears hurt, my chest hurts.

I leave the club, defeated, crushed, and yet I feel like I have finally found what was missing in my life. I’ve always felt as if someone had stolen something from me the moment I was born. I think I finally know what it is, and who stole it. But it was too early to come to conclusions. I need to find her again. I need to see her again. I need to feel those lips… again.
気分: cold
Noordarklight90 on October 21st, 2010 12:19 pm (UTC)
A correction, if I may. It's 'lose', not 'loose'. The latter word is the opposite of 'tight'.

Very interesting piece. You described the scenery so well that I could feel the atmosphere and imagery come alive. I liked the subtle hint of emotion, something that's not quite lust but not innocent enough to be regarded as infatuation.
「カロリーナ」purinchun on October 21st, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks for the correction. :) I wrote this like.. in the middle of the night, I woke up and had the idea and just wrote it down and forgot to revise. xD

Oh thank you. :3 You're the first one to comment in this comm, so I'm happy haha. I'm glad it transmits what I wanted it to. ^^